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USB 2.0 Extension Cable (A Female/Male)

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USB A Extension Cable, Panel Mount
This is a panel mount extension cable.  Attach the A Female to A Male Panel Mount to the outside of your machine.  High quality materials, sturdy connectors and soft cable material, as well as thorough double shielding are our cable trademarks.

Don't let your engineering be talked down on because of cheap products used to make it.  Use cables that are guaranteed to work and tested before they're sent from the production line.  Our cables offer years of good connectivity quality.  Never worry about the quality of cable or connections when it comes to our items.

Fits like a glove
This USB 2.0 A Male to Female is mostly used in new product development, when you want to add this inside of your product, such as a printer, robot or other USB device.  The panel mount on the A Female side gives a nice, streamlined, tight fit.



What's included

  • USB 2.0 Extension Cable



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USB 2.0 Cable - Panel Mount A Female to Mini-B Male - 20 inch

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Different colors available for different sizes,
see part numbers below for details



  • USB A Female to A Male
    (A Female Panel Mount)

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • PART#RR-24012 (12 INCHES) (WHITE)

  • PART#RR-24024 (24 INCHES) (BEIGE)

  • PART#RR-24036 (36 INCHES) (BLACK)

  • PART#RR-24048 (48 INCHES) (BLACK)

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