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Ultra-Thin USB 2.0 Extension Cable (A to Left Angle Mini-B)
A Female Panel Mount to Left Angle Mini-B



Ultra-Thin USB 2.0 A to Left Angle Mini-B Extension Cable
This thin and lightweight USB 2.0 cable has a 3.0mm outer diameter, and is also panel mountable. Attach the A Female Panel Mount to the outside of your enclosure, and the Left Angle Mini-B Male to the internal component. It's made with high quality materials, soft cable and sturdy connectors and double shielding.

Lightweight and Flexible
This USB 2 cable has an outer diameter of 3.0mm, yet is still double shielded. We use very thin 30AWG power and ground wires to achieve the thinness of this cable. In our bench testing, we have found this cable to work very well and transfer speed is not impacted making it great for lightweight applications, such as aerial drones, camera booms, ultralight aircraft, or other weight or space sensitive situations.

Counting devices, printers, even AV setups. It's a high quality product that will offer years of good connectivity quality. Never worry about the quality of cable or connections when it comes to our items, we use electroplate with gold on the contacts, as well as on the outer shell.

s included
  • USB 2.0 Extension Cable




  • 4-40 embedded nuts
  • Left Angle Mini-B Male
  • Ultra-Thin 3mm OD cable
  • Double shielded cable
  • Weight 0.1oz/ft


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A Female Panel Mount to Left Angle Mini-B

A Female Panel Mount to Left Angle Mini-BA Female Panel Mount to Left Angle Mini-B

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Available Part Numbers

  • PART #RR-2MBL1AFPM-12GLX (12 IN)
  • PART #RR-2MBL1AFPM-18GLX (18 IN)

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Ultra-Thin USB 2.0 Mini-BExtension Cable
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