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USB Repeater over Fiber Optic Cable
The USB Ranger 422 and 422i (int'l) is a commercial grade product designed for commercial end-user applications. It provides all the flexibility of USB in a easy-to-use package.  The USB Ranger 422 is optimized for applications where up to four devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, scanner, etc., must be operated over very long distances simultaneously.

Further Explanation...
USB Ranger products are composed of two separate units: the Local EXtender (LEX) and the Remote EXtender (REX). Conventional USB cables are used to connect the LEX unit to the host computer and to connect the remote USB device to the REX unit. Standard Fiber Optic cabling (multimode duplex) is used to connect the LEX and REX units over a distance of up to 500 meters (1600+ feet).
The USB Ranger 422 is powered from power adapters included in the package and delivers the same power as a normal USB port on a PC.

Practical Applications
We had a customer who wanted to connect their new KIP scanner (, but the device only connected through USB.  They used one of our USB Extenders to connect it so they could scan their architectural plans, via USB, to a PC on the other side of their office, which was over 200ft away.  It has worked flawlessly since it was installed.

Fiber Choices
For customer who only want to run their device up to 1,000ft, can use Multimode Duplex Fiber (62.5/125)
.  But, to run it up to 1650ft, it will require you to use Multimode Duplex (50/125).

What's included

  • Local Unit (LEX)
  • Remote Unit (REX)
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • NOTE: Fiber Optic Cable is not included in this package, please purchase separately

This item was discontinued
A replacement item is available
by special order.  Please call or email
to find out more.

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USB Ranger 422 - USB Repeater over Fiber

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  • ExtremeUSB™ technology extends the range of USB up to 1600+ft (500m) over Fiber Optic Cable

  • Works with both PCs and Macs
  • Works with any full speed/power (12Mb/s)

  • Weight: 0.6lb (0.3kg)/each unit
  • Compact size: 114x106x38 mm
  • Works over MTRJ Fiber Optic Cable (62.5/125)
  • Data Rate up to 12Mbps
  • Operating Temp: 4C to 40C
  • One year warranty
  • Made in North America (Canada)





    USB RANGER 422(110V)
    Part #RR-47-1920

    USB RANGER 422i (110-240V)
    Part #RR-47-1915



    USB Rover 1300 - Basic layout of what our USB Extender offers you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does "LEX" and "REX" stand for? What do they do?

    LEX stands for Local EXtender.
    REX stands for Remote EXtender.
    These two units comprise a standard Icron Extension solution. The LEX unit interfaces to the host PC via a Type-B USB connector. The LEX interfaces to the REX unit over the extension media (Cat-5 UTP, Fiber, etc.) and the REX unit provides connectivity for one or more USB devices at the remote location.

    Can I daisy-chain ExtremeUSB systems together for longer reach?

    No, it is not possible to daisy chain multiple ExtremeUSB systems together. Only a single LEX and REX pair can be connected to a host PC to ensure proper operation.

    Can the Fiber based USB Extender operate through a standard Ethernet hub, switch or router?

    No. Icron's USB extenders are not compatible with Ethernet hubs, switches or routers. The link protocol used is proprietary and operates only as a dedicated point-to-point connection.

    Which Fiber optic cable can be used with the ?

    This item uses multimode duplex, 62.5/125, with MTRJ connectors on both sides for the stendard 1,000ft distance.  For a longer distance, you can change to 50/125, which will allow you to run the distance up to 1,650ft.

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