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FireWire Device Cable (Up Angle)

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FireWire Device Cable (Up Angle)
This is a standard FireWire Device Cable.  The beauty of this cable is that it has a convenient Up angle on it that gives you maximum flexibility when you're in a tight spot.

Works great in tight spots
This FireWire Up angled device cable has been used for both industrial applications, as well as everyday users to have their computer too close to the wall to plug in their FireWire printer, scanner, or other device.



What's included

  • FireWire Device Cable
    (Up Angle Connector)
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FireWire Device Cable (Up Angle)

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  • FireWire Up Angled 6pin to 6 pin

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • PART# RR-66R03-60B (5ft version)

  • PART# RR-66R03-78 (6.5ft version)

  • PART# RR-66R03-4.5M (15ft version)
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