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USB 2.0 OTG Cable
USB OTG to Power Receptacle and Device



USB OTG Adapter Cable This neatly organized and easily identifiable cable is wired for connecting a tablet to a device, while still powering the device at the same time!
While this cable does not adhere to USB certification standards, we found that it does work very well in commercial/retail environments. Additionally, the USB IF has seen recently realized the same need that we have and are apparently adding language that will show that this is compliant in the future - USB Power Delivery Article

Setup Instructions
1.), plug the power adapter into the Micro-B Female (Receptacle)
2.), plug the green USB OTG connector into your phone/tablet
3.)Plug in your device

Motorola Xyboard - OK
Google Nexus 7 - OK
Samsung Galaxy S2 - OK
Samsung Note 2 - No

s included
  • USB OTG Cable




  • USB OTG Micro-B Male
  • USB A Female (to connect a device)
  • Connector multiple devices using a splitter or hub
  • USB Micro-B Female (for optional power)


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USB OTG to Power Receptacle and Device

USB OTG to Power Receptacle and Device

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Available Part Numbers

  • PART #RR-AFY-MXF-05GO -(12IN)

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