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Port Support Strap
Supports Tethered Camera Connections



Support tethered camera connections
This strap with stretchable material will help your tethered cables last longer in the event that the cable is tugged, such as from being stepped on by the artist, model, or staff, or becoming tangled on an object.

Stretch fabric
The stretchable fabric material gives you some warning of what's happening, rather than jerking the camera out of your hands, or off of your tripod.

Quick disconnect
We realize that you may not always want your cable connected, so we've given this a quick disconnect that leaves the port support strap connected to the cable, and a small, extra light dongle attached to the camera that goes virtually unnoticed.

Noise reduction
We've also added a ferrite bead that fits around our USB 2.0 cable, as well as most good quality USB 2.0 cables that are available on the market. This helps to reduce electrical noise, such as what is emitted by power cable and connections, as well as other noisy electrical devices, such as fluourescent lights.

s included
  • Universal support strap
  • Noise reducing ferrite bead
  • Quick disconnect


RoHS Compliant

Certificate of Conformity



  • Total Length: 12 inches
  • Fabric Length: 6 inches
  • Ferrite Bead: 4.8mm Inner Diameter

    NOTE: Attaches to most good quality USB 2.0 cables, or cables that have at least a 4.8mm outer diameter.


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Supports Tethered Camera Connections

Supports Tethered Camera Connections

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