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USB 2.0 Device Cable
A Male to A Male - Non-Angled



USB 2.0 Cable
This cable a normal USB A to A cable, used for connecting many USB devices, such as scanners, hubs, hard drives, converters, and the list goes on.  Look at the plug on the right side (the one that looks square) to see if it's similar to what you have on your device.
NOTE: This is not for data transfer between computers!

Why would I need this?
This cable is used when you want to replace your worn our cable (loose connection), or want to upgrade to a higher speed cable.  Our cable is capable of up to a 480Mbps transfer rate, where normal USB 1.1 cables are only capable of up to 12Mbps.  That means ours is up to 40x faster!

Compatible with USB devices
Our cable is 100% compatible with today's USB devices, as well as older devices (aka, Legacy USB) that aren't USB 2.0 compatible.

s included
  • USB 2.0 Cable


RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
Certificate of Conformity



  • Specs out with USB 2.0 specs
  • Clear molding with silver metal braid
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • NOTE: This is not for data transfer between computers!


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A Male to A Male - Non-Angled

A Male to A Male - Non-Angled

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Available Part Numbers

  • PART #RR-USB2-03 (3 FT)
  • PART #RR-USB2-06 (6 FT)
  • PART #RR-USB2-010 (10 FT)
  • PART #RR-USB2-15 (15 FT)
  • PART #RR-USB2-AA-25HR (25 FT)

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